Small Sustainable Farm

Feral Hen Farm is the result of an idea nearly a decade old: a small parcel of land with which to sustain a small, hard-working family. The dream was realized when we purchased a little over five acres of granite-strewn land outside Manchester, New Hampshire. From those humble beginnings, the idea of a farm grew into the reality of an enterprise, a lifestyle, and a commitment to excellence.

Oftentimes, the value of a farm is quantified by the acreage it encompasses. Feral Hen Farm proves that the value of a farm lies closer to the sustenance the land provides and the value to the people that work it. Although small, the farm produces plenty of clean, healthy, delicious food for its caretakers and expanded offerings in the near future.


Using managed grazing to produce soil fertility, Feral Hen Farm is turning this rocky ledge into lush pastureland, capable of supporting 100 broilers, 20 laying hens, a small band of goats and sheep, and several pigs a year in a natural and beneficial lifestyle. The animals are treated humanely, only organic feeds are used, and sustainable agricultural practices are the norm. This soil is as much of an investment as any monetary fund. It is, quite literally, what feeds us.




Member of ALBC (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy), FTCLDF (Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund), ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and AGS (American Goat Society).


This page was last updated on November 30, 2011